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considering a tankerman position in the chemical or petroleum industry

A career in chemical or petroleum shipping is appealing for many people who love the excitement of travel and the higher than average earning potential of the job. A skilled mariner can earn $45,000 to $60,000 in their first year and often enjoy months off each year. But without adequate preparation through a professionally staffed tankerman training school, launching or advancing that promising career could prove difficult. Get off to the best start with help from Quality Maritime Training, LLC. Preparation for the appropriate tankerman / tankerman PIC (Person in Charge) endorsement from a reputable school such as QMT places you in the best position for a rewarding career in the shipping industry.

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Lifeboatman Course

Apprentice Mate (Steersman)

tankerman pic requirements

For the individual in need of training and certification for a position in shipping or a Merchant Mariners Document endorsement, Quality Maritime Training provides Tankerman / Tankerman PIC coursework, including but not limited to: Tank Ship Dangerous Liquids (DL) Tank (Barge) Dangerous Liquids (DL) Tankerman - Assistant Tankerman - Engineer Tankerman Fire Fighting Our fire fighting courses provide the minimum training necessary to obtain any Tankerman endorsement. The Tank Ship and Tank Barge Dangerous Liquids tankerman training courses are geared toward candidates who hold or are working toward a Merchant Mariners Document endorsed as Tankerman-PIC, as well as for individuals currently working in supervisory positions or on vessels that transfer bulk fuel or dangerous liquid cargoes. But at Quality Maritime Training, LLC, we're not about "selling" coursework just for the sake of collecting fees or tuition. Our staff not only prepares you for a rewarding career with courses that address the modern industry climate, but also steers you toward what you need to reach your desired career path. For more information about maritime training schools, just give us a call.