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bridge resource management

Many maritime accidents can be chalked up to watch officers not practicing bridge resource management (BRM). It is easy for those new to the maritime trade - or perhaps those who have become complacent after years of service - to underestimate the dangers of poor or bridge teamwork procedures or lack of exercising bridge resource management practices. That's why Quality Maritime Training places so much emphasis on providing students with a good BRM foundation. Bridge resource management is more than simple common sense. Quality Maritime Training equips students with the basic operational skills to navigate smoothly. However, we also incorporate several key BRM skills that are necessary to good bridge teamwork management. Our students learn the value of team building and effective communication in safe seafaring. From the passage plan, right through to the end of the voyage, every aspect of safe passage planning, execution and monitoring is learned. In addition to BRM, we show students how to effectively utilize all human and technical resources, from electronic equipment, automatic radar plotting aids (ARPA Course), and charts and vessel traffic services (VTS), to bridge personnel and the pilot. Quality Maritime Training's BRM course is United States Coast Guard approved as meeting the requirements of the STCW Code, Section B-VIII/2, Part 3-1, and are offered to all prospective and licensed deck officers and Masters. Check out information on Coastal & Terrestrial Navigation.

arpa course

This training is required of all deck officers of vessels that are equipped with automatic radar plotting aids (ARPA). Quality Maritime Training's ARPA course provides students with access to equipment and simulators they need to learn radar plotting, theory, setting up/maintaining ARPA displays, close quarters scenarios, navigation and other skills. This training coursework satisfies requirements of the STCW Code, Sections A-II/2, A-II/1 for deck officers standing watch on ARPA equipped vessels. For more course specifics, browse our course descriptions page or contact a Quality Maritime Training, LLC, representative for information on whether this and other courses are required or recommended for your career path. More Information: Maritime Training Schools