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Many mariners get confused about what type of training they need to get started, remain on the job or advance in their careers. This is true of the able seaman ratings. Since there are several able seaman ratings, the able seaman course requirements and years of service may vary from mariner to mariner. For example, according to the Code of Federal Regulations (46 CFR 12.05), an Able Seaman Special of Offshore Supply Vessels (OSV) requires only six months on deck of vessels; by contrast, an Able Seaman Unlimited requires three years service on seagoing ships of over 100 gross tons. Requirements for the able seaman ratings include a number of competencies and examinations in navigation, seamanship and safety. For example, the candidate must demonstrate proficiency in survival craft, including safe handling, launching and crew commands; basic vessel navigation; nautical terminology; rules of the road passing, fog, distress and other signals; and a variety of other seamanship knowledge and skill sets. Without training and guidance from an experienced, professional instructor, a candidate faces either able seaman course failure, or worse, being put in an unsafe position aboard a vessel. Quality Maritime Training, LLC, prepares you for safe performance of duties through Basic Safety Training, RFPNW, Able Seaman and Proficiency in Survival Craft with lifeboat training or the Lifeboatman course offerings and other training. Consult with us for information on what specific training you need to stay on your career path.

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We at Quality Maritime Training recognize the importance of quickly and safely launching survival craft during a shipboard emergency abandonment. That's why our lifeboatman course focuses on practical learning and hands-on training. Our Proficiency in Survival Craft/Lifeboat class is lead by instructors with first-hand experience in the safe operation of survival craft, and all other duties of the able seaman. Course prerequisites and expectations will always be clearly communicated to students, and each will be equipped with the tools he or she needs to successfully launch a survival craft during a real emergency.

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This course meets the requirements of the STCW Code for a person on board a seagoing vessel to launch, to command and to handle a survival craft in the event that a ship must be abandoned. The STCW Code and U.S. Federal Regulations require that all Able Seaman, deck and engineer officers and anyone assigned to survival craft as the person in command or second person in command must have training and certification for Proficiency in Survival Craft (PSC). In addition to the PSC requirement, to serve on vessels equipped with davit launched lifeboats or rescue boats, the PSC training must include those practical training elements. With the Proficiency in Survival Craft with Lifeboat course, students receive practical training in survival methods, launching and recovering lifeboats, davit systems, oar commands, survival management and other emergency procedures. More Information: Maritime Training Schools